I love what I do - photographing people, from the very young to the very old and every age in between. No doubt that's why so much of my work has been portraiture, whether for my personal projects or to satisfy editorial, advertising, or corporate commissions.

My first book published in 1983 by Harry N. Abrams grew out of my fascination with creative individuals, particularly those whose long, inspiring lives were evident in their faces. Titled A Celebration of the 80's, it is a collection of photographs of some of the most famous octogenarians of the twentieth century.

My fascination with unusual people has again come into play in my current books, Odd Jobs and Odder Jobs, seen on this site. Odd Jobs was published by Ten Speed Press in September 2002 and is going into its fifth printing. Due to its success, I have now completed a sequel entitled Odder Jobs. As both titles suggest, it reflects my continuing interest in people who march to the tune of a different drummer.

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