MY PHOTOGRAPHIC CAREER began in earnest in 1980 when I shot assignments for national and international magazines and worked for a number of major corporations.

In 1983, Harry N. Abrams published my first book, “A Celebration of the 80’s.”  There were 65 color and B/W portraits of octogenarians still active in their chosen professions.  In 1987 I moved to Los Angeles for three years where I photographed many celebrities who were busy promoting their latest film.  I was bi-coastal and also photographing pharmaceutical assignments, a byproduct from my octogenarian book.

During this time, I started working on one of many ongoing projects, photographing people with unusual occupations.  The book was finally realized in 2002 and published by Ten Speed Press, the last independent small book publisher in America.  With the success and publicity that Odd Jobs garnered, my publisher, the late Phil Wood, agreed to do a second book, Odder Jobs, which came out in 2006.  Phil, my friend and supporter, died in 2010 and Ten Speed Press is now part of Random House.

"Twins" is another project featured here.  I've always been fascinated with twins and have attended three national twins conventions as well as several smaller, local gatherings.

For 25 years I produced Christmas cards with myself featured in them.

Above all, I am a photographer of the film era.  My greatest joy is photographing people, going into the darkroom with the film and coming out with a beautiful B/W portrait — a total hands-on procedure.

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